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Lakes of Maine Data in a Nutshell

Lakes of Maine uses the KnowledgeBase Catalogue to house documents and data sets associated with Maine lakes.

KnowledgeBase (KB) is a catalogue of documents, maps, data and other information for the Gulf of Maine and its watershed (the Gulf of Maine extends from Nova Scotia to the Cape Cod region).

Think of KB as being a library — inside this library are a number of special collections*. The information about Lakes of Maine that you access from these pages is one of these special collections. You can access the Lakes of Maine information from either this site or from KB's home page.

* Special collections, currently in development, focus on Boston Harbor Islands, Acadia National Park, Lakes of Maine and Diadromous Fish and Freshwater Biodiversity – all will released in early 2010.

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If there are documents or data sets that you would like to add to KB, please contact us at

Lakes of Maine users the KnowledgeBase Catalogue to store documents and data sets for Maine Lakes