Data period: through 2017

Town County Delorme Map # True Basin Flushing Rate
HERSEYTOWN TWP PENOBSCOT 52 1 22.24 flushes/yr
Maximum Depth Average Depth Surface Area Lake Volume Drainage Area
4 m
(12 ft)
1 m
(3 ft)
82 ha
(203 ac)
666,984 m3
(541 ac-ft)
26 km2
(10 mi2)

Secchi Disk Transparency Graphs

Graph Legend: Secchi symbols = average Secchi Disk Transparency Values; tick marks = maximum and minimum values for each year.

## [1] "No 2017 Secchi Disk Transparency Data"

Water Chemistry and Trophic State Parameters

Table Legend:

Color: Color (SPU), Alk: Alkalinity (mg/l CaCO3), SpCon: Specific Conductivity (\(\mu\)S/cm), pH: pH (standard units)

TP = Total Phosphorus (\(\mu\)g/L) – EC: Epilimnion Core, SG: Surface Grab, BG: Bottom Grab, PG: Profile Grab

SDT = Secchi Disk Transparency (m) – Min: minimum value, Avg: average value, Max: maximum value, n: number of months with Secchi readings per year, b: number of times Secchi disk was observed touching the bottom of the lake per year

Chl = Chlorophyll-a (\(\mu\)g/L) – Min: minimum value, Avg: average value, Max: maximum value
Year Color Alk SpCon pH TP-EC TP-SG TP-BG TP-PG SDT-Min SDT-Avg SDT-Max SDT-n SDT-b Chl-Min Chl-Avg Chl-Max
1989 10 2.5 2.5 2.5 1 1 1.6 1.6 1.6

Lake Chemistry and Trophic Summary Data - Overall Summary Values:

Avg Color Avg Alk Avg SpCon pH Avg TP-EC Avg TP-SG Avg TP-BG Avg TP-PG SDT-Min SDT-Avg SDT-Max SDT-n Chl-Min Chl-Avg Chl-Max
10 2.5 2.5 2.5 1 1.6 1.6 1.6

Most recent late summer temperature and dissolved oxygen profiles

Units: Temperature (TEMP) = °C; Dissolved Oxygen (DO) = mg/L
Depth (m) TEMP DO
1 20 8.0
2 19 8.2
3 18 8.5

Recent temperature and dissolved oxygen profile plots

Temperature (°C), Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L)