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A continually updated collection of news items regarding Maine's lakes.
Company gives lakefront land to park — January 12, 2012 — Portland Press-Herald

A 143-acre tract of land with an iconic, lakefront view of Mount Katahdin and a rich history is being donated to Baxter State Park today by Huber Resources Corp., a timber management company based in Old Town.

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October weather from Mirror Lake — November 3, 2011 — Village Soup

Weather data we found just posted from Mirror Lake in Camden, Maine!

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Maine Groups Oppose National Park Study — November 1, 2011 — Maine Public Broadcasting Network

The Maine Forest Products Council today officially joined the Sportsman's Alliance of Maine and the Maine Snowmobile Association in opposition to both a proposed Maine Woods National Park and a park feasibility study. Like the outdoor groups, the Forest Products Council is concerned about an onslaught of what they say would be restrictive federal regulations. But they are also opposed to the use of Maine timberlands for anything other than mulitple use.

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Feedback sought on proposed changes to Maine fishing regulations for 2012-13 season — October 31, 2011 — Lewiston Sun Journal

A public hearing will be held on Nov. 9 on more than 200 proposed changes to Maine's current fishing regulations.

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. at the Rangeley Lakes Regional School at 43 Mendolia Road.

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It's elemental: Many private wells across U.S. are contaminated with arsenic and other elements — October 3, 2011 — Environmental Health News

In Nebraska, along the Platte River, it’s uranium. In Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts, it’s arsenic. In California, boron. And in the Texas Panhandle, lithium.

Throughout the nation, metals and other elements are tainting private drinking water wells at concentrations that pose a health concern.

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Community hike along Flagstaff Lake planned — September 29, 2011 — Lewiston Sun Journal

The Healthy Community Coalition will host a community hike at Maine Huts and Trails on Saturday, Oct. 1.

The hike is part of Mapping Our Footsteps, a grant initiative from the Environmental Funders Network. Interested participants are asked to RSVP by calling Ryan DiPompo at Healthy Community Coalition at 779-2214.

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MPBN to Debut "Sustainable Maine" in UMaine Collaboration — September 22, 2011 — The Free Press

Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN) will premiere two new half-hour television productions about a new way of combining biophysical sciences with social science and economics to study Maine's changing landscape and find how to sustain it for future generations, on Tuesday, September 27, at 8 p.m.

The first two episodes of "Sustainable Maine" focus on Maine fishermen, loggers, and scientists from the University of Maine, USM, and Bates and Bowdoin colleges as they work to balance economic growth with environmental sensitivity and local traditions of land and water use in Maine.

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Looking at summer through rear-view mirror — September 22, 2011 — The Herald Gazette

Maine always has beautiful summers; although real summer weather - above 70 degrees, no rain and little wind - fell into the average category. That is average as far as the weather is concerned.

Now that's not to say it wasn't wonderful. Any time I'm not throwing logs onto the fire and shoveling snow off the deck, driveway and roof is a great time of year.

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Is The Time Right For A "Maine Woods National Park"? — September 19, 2011 — National Parks Traveler

Twenty years before the first national park, and more than a century before the Wilderness Act, (Henry David Thoreau) asked, "Why should not we ...have our national preserves, where ... the bear and pather ... may still exist, and not be 'civilized' off the face of the earth?" The Maine of his bark-canoe trips was the deepest wilderness Thoreau would see in his lifetime. Today, astonishingly, it looks much the same as it did when he saw it. Lake and river, many thousands of miles of shoreline are unbroken by human structures and are horizoned only by the tips of spruce.

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Swing bridge opens for one last large boat — September 17, 2011 — WLBZ Bangor

The swing bridge on the causeway in Naples is officially closed to large vessels.

The bridge opened for one final boat Saturday.

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Grant awarded for creation of motorized vehicle trail in Moosehead Lake region — September 16, 2011 — Bangor Daily News

Work will begin on a multiuse snowmobile and all-terrain vehicle trail that will link the Greenville Junction Trailhead to the Prong Pond Trailhead thanks to an $18,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture obtained by the Piscataquis County Economic Development Council.

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Pilots show skills at International Seaplane Fly-In in Greenville — September 12, 2011 — Bangor Daily News

The popular International Seaplane Fly-in fly-in started in 1973 as nothing more than a weekend get-together for local bush pilots who flew people in and out of the rugged and remote areas in the Moosehead Lake region. Each year, more pilots would join in the weekend of camaraderie and by 1995, the International Seaplane Fly-In Association was formed. The growth of the organization has expanded over the years and this year it took a giant step with the opening of an office at 38 Pritham Ave.

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Lake association initiates courtesy boat inspections — September 10, 2011 — Morning Sentinel

Invasive plants have been found in 34 Maine lakes and more infestations are found each year. The only known defense against these non-native plants is education and boat inspection. The plants are carried from lake to lake by unsuspecting boaters who have not cleaned their boats and trailers before moving from one lake to another.

The Sheepscot Lake Association obtained certified inspector status for 11 of its members and began courtesy boat inspections on Labor Day in an effort to protect Sheepscot Lake.

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City to drain Capisic Pond to repair erosion damage — September 9, 2011 — Portland Press-Herald

Crews will drain Capisic Pond today in preparation for construction work to begin Monday.

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Conservation Partners: Colby in the Belgrade Lakes — September 4, 2011 — Colby College News

The new Maine Lakes Resource Center in Belgrade Lakes Village held its grand opening Sept. 2 with its three lead partners - Colby, the Belgrade Lakes Association, and the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance (BRCA) - participating in the ceremony.

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Crews scramble to clean up Sebago Lake State Park for weekend — September 1, 2011 — Morning Sentinel

Sunlight glinted off the calm water of Sebago Lake on Wednesday. It was quite a contrast to Sunday morning, when Andy Haskell stood amid snapping trees and crashing waves, and realized he had to evacuate Sebago Lake State Park.

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Resource center grand opening set for Friday — August 31, 2011 — Kennebec Journal

Construction of the Maine Lakes Resource Center is complete and a grand opening will be held Friday.

Located in the heart of the village at 137 Main St., the resource center is an initiative of Docks to Doorways -- a coalition of Colby College, the Belgrade Lakes Association and the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance.

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In Irene's wake, Maine's Lakes Region is 'just a mess' — August 30, 2011 — Portland Press Herald

A wooded cluster of summer cottages in Edy Cove buzzed with the sound of chain saws Monday morning as a group of neighbors picked up pine branches that Tropical Storm Irene had left strewn about their lawns.

Sunday's storm knocked down nearly a dozen trees in yards along the shore of Sebago Lake's Jordan Bay, where boats washed up and docks ripped free.

Although most of the state escaped severe damage from the storm, some areas of the Lakes Region weren't so lucky.

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Half of high-hazard dams lack state inspection — August 24, 2011 — Bangor Daily News

Maine is not living up to the state law that requires regular inspections of the nearly 100 dams in the state classified as hazardous for their potential to take lives or sweep away buildings, roads and bridges.

The state has 93 such dams from Limestone to Sanford. Of those, the state classifies 24 as “high hazard potential,”meaning that mis-operation or failure could “probably cause loss of life.” The other dams are “significant hazard dams,” meaning a failure could cause property or environmental damage.

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It's Worth the Trip: Beautiful route takes paddlers to another state — August 14, 2011 — Portland Press Herald

An article from the Portland Press Herald about kayaking from Maine - including Umbagog and and Aziscohos Lakes - to New Hampshire.

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Highland Lake monitor Ralph Johnston honored — August 12, 2011 — The Keep ME Current

Ralph Johnston, the 90-year-old water quality watchdog for Highland Lake in Windham, was a lake monitor long before anyone called them "lake monitors."

And, recently, the World War II vet was recognized for his four decades of dedication.

The Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program honored Johnston at its annual conference, held July 30, with two awards: a Years of Service Award for his 35-plus years of program membership and a Longevity Award for being the oldest lake monitor in Maine.

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MAINE COMPASS: Ruin of salmon runs took a long time; recovery will, too — August 7, 2011 — Kennebec Journal

ll of Maine's rivers were once the home of vast schools of Atlantic salmon returning from the ocean to reproduce. It has been estimated that in the Kennebec River alone as many as 70,000 Atlantic salmon returned annually.

Sadly, those great runs were decimated by overfishing, water pollution and construction of dams without fish passage. In Maine, by 1950, only a few fish returned to the rivers of Washington County.

Since 1968, the U.S. government has had a program to restore Atlantic salmon in Maine's rivers. The flagship river for restoration is the Penobscot, because that was the last river from which these fish were exterminated.

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Maine gets easement around pond at headwaters of Kennebec River — August 3, 2011 — The Republic

Maine officials say the state's been granted a conservation easement on Indian Pond at the headwaters of the Kennebec River.

According to the governor's office, FPL Energy Maine Hydro LLC granted the easement as part of a settlement in re-licensing Harris Dam, located at the southern end of the pond in Indian Stream Township.

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Diving for milfoil: Auburn water-quality experts seek out invasive plant — August 7, 2011 — Lewison Sun Journal

Water-quality officials in Maine are on constant watch for nonnative plants, especially variable leaf milfoil. That's a nonnative nuisance perfectly suited for life in Maine's ponds, said Water Quality Manager Mary Jane Dillingham of the Auburn Water District. Nothing natural in Maine can keep it in check, which means it spreads and spreads.

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Favorite Places in Maine: Branch Lake — August 3, 2011 — Bangor Daily News

Not one to sit around and fry on a beach, I’m one to look for a nice place from which to launch a kayak and enjoy a day on the water. That there happens to be a nice sandy beach at such a locale is a bonus.

Such is the public beach at Branch Lake. Located on the western shore at the Narrows, the beach is well known to many in the area.

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Clean Water: It’s your call (or click)! — July 25, 2011 — Conservation Law Foundation

A thoughtful blog on attacks on the Clean Water Act from the Conservation Law Foundation.

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Lake monitoring program to offer invasive plant workshop — July 24, 2011 — Bangor Daily News

The Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program will offer an invasive plant patrol field survey methods workshop from 1-5 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 7, on the Pemaquid River at the Bristol Mills landing.

This workshop offers guided field experience before setting off to conduct an invasive plant screening survey on your favorite lake, pond or river.

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Things to do around Sebago Lake — July 19, 2011 — Portland Water District

Portland Water District is holding a free lakescaping demonstration event on July 28th at 6:30. There'll be good information for homeowners and anyone interested on buffers, rain barrels, rain gardens, and how to capture and control rain to protect Maine's clean lakes. Good stuff!

Check out the District's Facebook page for specifics.

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New web service useful for Maine sportsmen — July 19, 2011 — Downeast Magazine

Maine’s Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife has begun publishing an informative weekly report available by email or on the department's Web site. Downeast Magazine has the story and links to the online resources.

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Hike, bike, paddle, pedal, surf, raft, or cruise — July 17, 2011 — Boston Globe

Don’t let the summer slip away without embracing it.

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Weed wars: Invasive aquatic plants are choking the native life out of the region's fresh waters — July 8, 2011 — Boston Globe

The Boston Globe has the story on the nearly one dozen invasive aquatic plants that Maine and other Northeastern states are fighting to keep out of their lakes, ponds, and rivers. Included us what Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program is doing to make people aware of the unwanted visitors from away.

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Maine, NH and VT count their loons — July 13, 2011 — Portland Press Herald

Up to 1,000 volunteers across the southern half of the state aim to find out Saturday as they scout out lakes and ponds in Maine Audubon's 28th annual loon count. Loon surveys are being held the same day in New Hampshire and Vermont.

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Local waters among 'most at risk' — July 13, 2011 — Lewiston Sun Journal

Europhication (high levels of nutrients and large algae blooms) caused in part by rapid development along Maine's lakes is raising red flags. The Sun Journal has the story.

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Looking for a place to swim? — July 9, 2011

Yes, it is hot! Check out SwimMaine for reader-submitted reports on conditions in Maine's lakes.

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Weed wards: Invasive aquatic plants are choking the native life out of the region’s fresh waters — July 8, 2011 — Boston Globe

Robert Hill and Christine Guerette talk to the Boston Globe about the costs of invasive aquatic plants to the northeast's lakes and rivers.

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Maine lakes resource building nets positive reviews — July 5, 2011 — Kennebec Journal

The Maine Lakes Resource Center will not open until later this month, but the Kennebec Journal reports that those who have seen the progress on the facility, designed to show people how to live on Maine's lakes without adverse effects, are excited about it.

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Loon count slated for state's waterways — July 5, 2011 — Kennebec Journal

Maine Audubon will conduct its 28th annual Loon Count on July 18. For more information, contact Susan Gallo at 781-2330, ext. 216, or email .

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Submerged Maine Town Lives on in Memory — July 5, 2011 — Maine Public Broadcasting Network

Many Mainers come to Flagstaff Lake to kayak, hunt or snowmobile. But the story of the lake is largely untold. Sixty years ago, three small towns were submerged under the Dead River. Independent producer Anna Pinkert has the story of one of those towns.

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Maine's Sebago Lake offers plenty of fishing — July 3, 2011 — Nashua Telegraph

Reporter Dana Benner's story on fishing on Sebago Lake this summer.

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Holding line against milfoil: Southern Songo River latest spot in 10-year fight against invasive weeds — July 3, 2011 — Kennebec Journal

The Lakes Environmental Association in Bridgton is fighting to keep milfoil out of the Songo River.

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