Wadley (Wadleigh, Roberts) Pond

Lyman, York, Maine
MIDAS 5034

Aquatic Plants

The following is a composite list, generated from all available plant data for this lake. The list may draw from one or multiple sources. The quality and completeness of the data will vary from lake to lake, depending upon the scope and the purpose of survey, as well as the level of expertise of the surveyor/s. Some surveys, for example those done by trained volunteers as part of and invasive aquatic plant screening surveys, have not been checked for accuracy, and are often not complete.

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(If no species display below, there are no data for this lake in our database. If you have additional data, please contact us. NOTE: MAPS MAY BE SLOW TO LOAD DEPENDING ON QUERY.)

bladderwort, common Utricularia vulgaris bladderwort, floating Utricularia radiata bladderwort, large purple Utricularia purpurea bryozoan colony (ectoprocta) Bryozoa bur-reed, floating leaf Sparganium fluctuans bur-reed, spp. (emergent) Sparganium spp. metaphyton (colonial algae "clouds") metaphyton naiad, slender Najas flexilis pickerel weed Pontedaria cordata pondweed, Berchtold's slender Potamogeton berchtoldii pondweed, floating-leaf Potamogeton natans pondweed, ribbon-leaf Potamogeton epihydrous pondweed, snail-seed Potamogeton bicupulatus pondweed, spiral-fruited Potamogeton spirillus spatterdock Nuphar variegata water lily, fragrant Nymphaea odorata water-milfoil, low Myriophyllum humile watershield Brasenia schreberi