Big Lake

Grand Lake Stream Plt, T27 ED BPP, Indian Twp Res,, Washington, Maine
MIDAS 1288

Area (acres):10444
Perimeter (miles):70.2
Mean Depth (feet):12
Max Depth (feet):70
Delorme Page:35
Fishery Type:Coldwater + Warmwater
Invasive Aquatic Plant Infestation:Variable-leaf milfoil (confirmed 2019)

Other Lake & Watershed Information

Boating & Fishing Regulations for this and other Maine waters are available here.

Big Lake_1288_Madeline Moore_20151005

Sunset on Big Lake. Looking from Peter Dana Point up towards Big Musquash Stream (photo right). Photo courtesy of Madeline Moore of Indian Township, ME.

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Roberta Hill, Invasive Species Program Director at Lake Stewards of Maine, wrote this Littorally Speaking to inform community members of the current invasives problem in Big Lake.

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Big Lake
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