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New! - DEP Water Quality Overviews
These updated reports summarize data through 2016. To find the reports, go to Your Lake and click on Water Quality. Report(s) are on right side of page, under Depth Map.

2016 water quality data update
The quality-assured water quality data recently received from DEP are now on-line. To view lake-specific data extracts, go to Your Lake and then click on Water Quality. OR, to explore the data files containing information for all surveyed lakes, click on the Source Data links (found in the right-hand panels).


  • Lake associations in Maine
  • Researchers in Maine & elsewhere
  • Anglers, boaters, swimmers & other Maine lake users
  • Lake managers
  • This site can also help you make connections with "lake minded" people in your community, as well as virtually all of the organizations, agencies, educational institutions and others who provide information and services pertaining to Maine lakes. We hope your search is productive, and welcome your feedback about

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  • Track the water quality of your lake. How does it compare with other Maine lakes?
  • Discover the native & non-native plants & animals that inhabit Maine lakes
  • Uncover the complexity of lake ecosystems


  • Download data
  • Search hundreds of documents by lake or by topic
  • Generate your own maps and graphics using dynamic data tools


  • Access publications and resources for teachers, educators and community organizers


  • Stay up to date on the best lake and watershed conservation practices
  • Link to watershed protection programs and resources
  • Learn how you can become a volunteer lake monitor


  • Find organizations and volunteers working to protect your lake
  • Contribute new information to the Lakes of Maine website!

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