Starbird Pond

Hartland, Somerset, Maine
MIDAS 2598

Water Quality

These charts display the values of water quality indicators for this lake, compared to the range of values seen across all of Maine’s surveyed lakes . Color ramps represent the range of values across all lakes. Yellow diamonds display the mean values for this lake, as averaged across all sampling sites. Click on any diamond to view the data.
Note: Lakes having differences in water quality or data density among different sampling stations may have skewed mean values. In addition, a mean transparency equal to the maximum depth at a sampling station may indicate that the Secchi disk was visible when resting on the lake bottom. In these cases, other indicators (chlorophyll and phosphorus) should be used to evaluate water quality in these cases.

To further explore the statewide distribution of indicator values, click on the bar chart icon . The red lines on the histogram show data from one or more sampling stations for this lake – superimposed on the statewide distribution for the indicator.

The icon indicates that no data are available for this parameter at this lake.

Secchi Transparency (m): 0.0
Increasing transparency (m)

Chlorophyll-a (ppb): 0.0
Increasing chlorophyll (ppb)

Total Phosphorus (ppb): 0
Increasing phosphorus (ppb)

Color (SPU): 0
Increasing color (spu)

Alkalinity (mg/L): 0.0
Increasing alkalinity (mg/l)

pH: 0.00
Increasing pH

Conductivity (uS/cm): 0
Increasing conductivity (umho)

Understanding Water Quality

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Depth Map

DEP Water Quality Overviews

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Note: The Lake Narratives are in the process of being revised. Some reports have not been updated for several years — individual water quality indicators may have changed slightly since the Narratives were written. Water Quality Summaries are more up-to-date.

Water Quality Summaries
Brief summaries of water quality data for this lake: 2015 update

Lake Narratives
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