West Grand Lake (Pug Lake, Junior Bay)

T5 R1 NBPP, Grand Lake Stream Plt, T5 ND BPP, T6 N, Washington, Maine
MIDAS 1150

Area (acres):14467
Perimeter (miles):49
Mean Depth (feet):37
Max Depth (feet):128
Delorme Page:35
Fishery Type:Coldwater + Warmwater
Invasive Aquatic Plant Infestation:None known

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BloomWatch: EPA's Smart Phone Application for the Monitoring of Cyanobacteria Blooms. Presented by Tristan Taber; airing Friday, June 25 at 4pm

Tristan Taber will give a brief overview of cyanobacteria, then perform an easy-to-follow demo of the app, and also show participants the data portal, where you can see submissions in near real-time. Get involved in this easy and helpful app for identifying and tracking blooms.

Click for information on this free Zoom event at 4pm on Friday, June 25th

What’s in the Water? A new smartphone app for identifying flora, fauna and other fascinating phenomena found in Maine Lakes. Presented by Roberta Hill and Tristan Taber; airing Friday, July 9 at 4pm

Roberta and Tristan will provide participants with an onscreen tour of the app and its associated website, and show how users can play an active role in the ongoing development of this infinitely expandable compendium.

Click for information on this free Zoom event at 4pm on Friday, July 9th

The Maine Loon Project. Presented by Tracy Hart; airing Friday, July 30 at 4pm

Tracy Hart, Director of the Maine Loon Project, will talk about the Maine Annual Loon Count, population trends, and tools on the Lakes of Maine site for learning about counts and survey efforts on individual lakes. She will also share fun facts about Common Loon natural history, threats, and conservation efforts in Maine.

Click for information on this free Zoom event at 4pm on Friday, July 30th

West Grand Lake (Pug Lake, Junior Bay)
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